Our endless challenge in the pursuit of safety and deliciousness

Commitment to food

取締役会長 Chairman
Nobuyuki Uehara

代表取締役写真 Representative Director
Masaharu Hori

Our challenge continues with a view to business deployment overseas.

We have been making steady progress, based on the trust of our customers.

Noboru Co., Ltd. was founded in 1971 by Mr. Uehara, our current Chairman. We celebrated our 50th anniversary in February 2021. The businesses of Noboru Co., Ltd., which started from the desire to deliver delicious rice to people, have expanded throughout Kyushu, particularly in Fukuoka Prefecture, centering on the cooked rice business and the boxed meal business. Now, we operate a large number of operations commissioned by certified childcare centers and schools.
We would like to express our sincerest appreciation to our customers for their continued support.
It is no exaggeration to say that our rice-cooking business is supported by our repeat customers who have consumed our products such as vinegared rice, inari-zushi (sushi rice ball wrapped in a deep-fried tofu pouch), sushi-rolls, rice balls, and ohagi (a Japanese confectionary made with glutinous rice and sweet red bean paste) through major supermarkets and other distributors.
In addition, our boxed meal business for preschools is highly evaluated by our customers, because we take into account children's preferences and dietary education, as well as allergies, during all processes from menu creation to presentation. In our commissioned operations, the number of facilities we have contracts with has been increasing as the number of certified childcare centers increases in response to the national policy of reducing the number of children on waiting lists for childcare services. We provide safe, worry-free, ideal school lunches cooked in-house, which are necessary for childhood diets, including baby food and allergy-friendly food, through cutting-edge freezing technology and dietary education. Our commissioned operations are steadily increasing sales regardless of the declining birthrate, along with our boxed meal business.

New approaches such as installing the latest freezing equipment

In order to deliver the joy of eating, as well as safe and worry-free products, to our customers, we ensure thorough hygiene control by introducing the concept of the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) into our plants as much as possible.
In 2020, we installed cutting-edge freezing equipment. With new technologies and our development capabilities, we are determined to promote our cooked rice business and school lunches cooked in-house for customers in broader regions.
We value our full-time and part-time employees and contribute to society as we continue to grow.
We believe this will be positively evaluated by our customers and business partners.
In addition, we continue to interact with everyone with gratitude.
We continuously strive to become a company in pursuit of quality food that delivers the joy of eating to our customers.

  • ISO22000

    Our HACCP-certified plants place the first priority on hygiene.

    HACCP is an abbreviation of Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points. It is a system to check the hygiene and quality control in all steps of the food manufacturing process from raw material to the final product, so as to manufacture safe food.

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