Noboru's in-house cooked lunch system that provides safe and delicious preschool lunches

In-house cooked lunch

We provide non-conventional innovative food cooked in-house in preschools under a safe and reliable new cooking system (vacuum cooking/cook-chill) and cutting-edge freezing technology.

In order to provide stable in-house cooked lunch, there are many issues that need to be overcome.
Such issues include securing human resources that can perform the role of a nutritionist for young children, hiring and educating school chefs,providing baby food or allergy-friendly food,and implementing thorough safety measures.
In addition, there are also various issues, such as the number of students being small and not being able to outsource the cooking.
Our new cooking system (vacuum cooking/cook-chill), which uses a central kitchen, and our cutting-edge rapid freezing system can solve such issues. In addition, our know-how accumulated over 40 years of experience in serving preschool lunches allows us to provide high-quality in-house cooked lunches with attention to detail, which includes hiring and educating school chefs.

Benefits of implementing the new cooking system


Application of the HACCP system by adopting a central kitchen

・Adoption of a dry kitchen
・Implementation of time/temperature control

Stable quality

Menu planning and cooking are performed by our staff.

Recipes for menus are planned by nutritionists with nutritional balance in mind.

Cost reduction

The system can be operated with a small cooking space in a simple facility.

Only reheating and plating need to be performed on-site.

  • Our in-house cooked lunch system, which was developed based on our desire to help children learn to enjoy eating, allows us to provide safe and delicious preschool lunches.
  • There are three styles (low-temperature cooking, cook-chill, and the new rapid freezing), and the style with the most appropriate temperature range is used to deliver meals with a home-cooked feel that can satisfy the customers, even in preschools in remote locations.
  • Total cost reduction is achieved.Costs for kitchen facilities (in the case of new facilities), utilities, disposal, etc., can be reduced.
  • We will help increase the appeal of the meals served at your preschool by delivering meals with special consideration.
  1. Provide support for allergen-free meals.
  2. Reduce picky eating by incorporating vegetables into menus in easy-to-eat forms.
  3. Help children take an interest in eating by placing importance on dietary education.
  4. Help children take interest in hygiene as well.
  5. Provide parents with information on meals.

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